Anti-Black Racism Working Group


The Pickering Public Library Anti-Black Racism Working Group (ABRWG) is a community-based group, focusing on Library services with a lens of anti-Black racism. Consisting of appointed community volunteers, the ABRWG reviews community feedback and identified priorities and collaborates with library staff to create and implement action plans for improvements and enhancements to library services as well as internal processes. Recommendations and action plans focus on addressing identified systemic discrimination impacting the library experience for community members who self-identify as Black.

Current Members:

  • Romina Diaz-Matus (Co-Chair)
  • Teronie Donaldson (Co-Chair)
  • Bernadette Hood
  • Charmain Brown (Co-Notetaker)
  • Marsha Hinds Myrie 
  • Nicole Facey (Co-Notetaker)
  • Samantha Adebiyi 

Library Staff Liaisons:

  • Sabrina Yung
  • Shobha Oza

What's New?

February 21, 2024: The ABRWG finalized the 2024 Work Plan and will be presenting an update of the Work Plan alongside a reflection on the progress made for the ABRWG recommendations in implementation stages at the March Library Board meeting.

Terms of Reference

The ABRWG Terms of Reference outlines the working group's responsibilities, structure, and purpose.

To view and/or download the ABRWG Terms of Reference, please click here, opens a new window


Inquiries and communication to the ABRWG should be directed to

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