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Maker Space

*Due to COVID-19 impacts and restrictions, equipment and some loanable items are currently unavailable. Please check back for on-going updates.

Available Technology


Technology FAQs

  • Black & White printing: 10 cents a page Colour printing: 50 cents a page

  • The Library provides Wireless Printing services at our Central and George Ashe locations. These services are designed to accommodate our clients' needs to print from their personal devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.).

    Mobility Print (New)
    To use Mobility Print at the Library, navigate to the Mobility Print setup (available on Library Wifi only) and follow the instructions for your device. If prompted use the following Papercut username: “m-print” and password: “print” to submit your print job. Once received the document can be released from the Release Station by entering “m-print”.

    Other ways to print
    The following wireless printing services require a valid Papercut account before you can print.
    Create your account here (available on Library Wifi only)

    Email to Print
    Email to Print allows users to print by emailing their documents to a special address. No client software or drivers are required. It supports PDF and picture file attachments.

    Central Clients can email documents to:
    Colour Documents and Black & White Documents

    George Ashe Clients can email documents to:
    Colour Documents and Black & White Documents

    Once received the document can be released from the 1st Floor release station by entering your Papercut account name.

    Google Cloud Print
    Add the Cloud printer to your Google account.
    PickeringPL Mobile (Central)
    PickeringPL Mobile (George Ashe)

    Once received, the document can be released from the 1st Floor release station by entering your Papercut account name.

    You will need to verify your email address the first time you submit a print job. Colour or B&W needs to be chosen at time of printing.

  • All three Library locations have a photocopier. 

    Photocopier costs:

    Black & White copies: 10 cents a page
    Colour copies: 50 cents a page

  • All PPL locations offer free WiFi. Look for the network Library Wifi on your device. No special settings, usernames or passwords are required.


Listening to Vinyl: A Beginner's Guide

Nov 25th | 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Online event
Learn the basics required to listen to and collect vinyl. We will discuss equipment and online resources to track your collection.

Maker Space FAQs

  • A space where imaginations soar; where a shared community joins together in a collaborative movement to change the future. Pickering Public Library’s Maker Space will inspire creativity, foster innovation and empower our residents to meet the demands of an ever-changing global economy. With communal access to 21st century tools and learning styles, you can test your concepts, design, create and build with a community of makers, and bring your ideas to life.
  • Generally speaking, clients are welcome to supply their own equipment and or material. If you are supplying your own material to use with Maker Space equipment, you are required to speak to staff to confirm compatibility and or pricing before using the equipment.

  • If you've reached the end of your allotted time with Maker Space equipment and wish to continue using it, please see a Maker Space staff member about making another booking for the equipment. Generally speaking, as long as there is no conflict with a previous client booking, items can be renewed.

  • For a complete list of the equipment in the Maker Space, as well as information about each piece of equipment and instructions on getting started, please visit our Maker Space Booking page. 

Jr Maker Kits

Code-a-pillar [Maker Kit]

For ages 3-6 Preschool. Every time the Code-a-pillar's body segments are re-arranged, it takes a different path.

Maker Space Equipment

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