Seed Library

Pickering Public Library's Seed Library provides the community free access to seeds for growing ornamental and edible plants. Starting February 17, community members can browse the changing selection and check out seeds during George Ashe Library's regular operating hours.

Gardeners are asked to harvest seeds from their mature plants and return a portion to the Seed Library.

Made possible through a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment, the seed library encourages healthy food and sustainable practices while preserving and protecting the biodiversity of plants and food crops. 

Seed libraries contribute to increased botanical and food literacy, teaching people about varieties of plants, flowers, and vegetables that are suited to the local climate and how they are best grown.

Join us for our launch event to learn about what a Seed Library is, participate in various planting activities, and ask one of our guest gardening experts all your gardening questions. This event is presented in partnership with Durham Master Gardeners.

We are thrilled to be starting our Seed Library at Pickering Public Library. Be sure to check back often for more exciting updates!

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PPL - Gardening

Looking for information on Gardening check out some of these books.


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Upcoming Gardening & Seed Library Events

Check out these Gardening books!

Looking for information on Gardening check out some of these books.

Starting Plants From Seed

Mar 5th | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
George Ashe Library
Learn how to start seeds at home to prepare them for planting!

Gardening for the Birds

Mar 26th | 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Central Library - Auditorium
Learn all about the needs of birds, how to design your garden to provide food, shelter and nesting spots!

Herbs In Your Garden with Durham Master Gardeners

Apr 20th | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
George Ashe Library
Learn the best practices for successfully growing culinary herbs in your garden, whether it be in containers or in your garden bed.
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