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There are so many ways to participate in the Summer Reading Club...

Whether you're looking for reading recommendations, want to join in an art or bingo competition, or maybe design your own bookmark. There's plenty to do!

Looking for book Recommendations? Here are some for all ages.

Check out these Gardening books!

Looking for information on Gardening check out some of these books.

PPL - Pride Month Children's Fiction

Celebrate Pride Month with these wonderful children's fiction books!

Want to Play Summer Reading Bingo?

How do you encourage kids to read over the summer?

While it can be a challenge we know that some kids love picking up a book when they have a moment while others need a little motivation. Whatever their reading style, we know that a fun game can truly inspire reading a little more. Reading bingo is the perfect reading summer activity. Here's your chance to get in on the action.

Download your bingo sheet and start playing. There are two bingo cards, one for younger readers and the other for older readers.

Let the reading games begin!

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