Supported Self-Filing FAQs

  • Supported self-filing tax preparation is a pilot program to assist people, who have simple tax situations and modest incomes, to prepare and file their own tax return. This is a free service for those who want to learn how to do their own taxes.  A tax expert will be on hand during the workshops to answer questions on how to file your tax return. 

  • To be eligible to participate in one of our Supported Self-Filing Tax Workshops you must:

    • have a simple tax situation
    • be comfortable using a mouse and computer
    • have an email address that you know the password to and can access your email account
  • The Supported Self-Filing Tax Workshops are for the current tax year only. The free software used during the workshops can also be used by clients outside of the workshop to file their income tax returns from prior years. 

    Please scroll to the bottom of to find a list of Tax Clinics in the Durham Region that may be able to help you file previous tax years. 

  • A tax situation is considered simple if an individual has no income or if their income comes from:

    • Employment
    • Pension
    • Benefits such as Canada Pension Plan, Disability, Canada Child Benefit, Employment Insurance or Ontario Works
    • RRSP
    • Support payments
    • Scholarships, fellowships, bursaries or grants
    • Interest (under $1,000)
  • A tax situation is not simple when an individual:

    • Is self-employed or has employment expenses
    • Has business or rental income and expenses
    • Has capital gains or losses
    • Files for bankruptcy
    • Is completing a tax return for a deceased person

Durham Region Tax Clinics

For more information on Durham Region Tax Clinics, please visit:

Tax Clinics in Pickering 

Durham Region Housing Services
905-666-6222 ext. 2458 
Drop off service for Durham Regional Local Housing Corporation (DRLHC) tenants

Pickering Welcome Centre
By Appointment

Pickering YMCA Tax Clinic
By appointment, virtual, in-person or drop-off

St. Mary CVITP Tax Clinic

Muhammad's Community Tax Clinic
Offering service in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu
By appointment, virtual, drop-off


Tax Clinics in Oshawa 

Ontario Works – Oshawa Office 
 905-436-6747 ext. 5208 
Drop off service for Ontario Works clients only

Oshawa Public Library
By appointment 

Oshawa Senior Community Centres (OSCC55+)
905-576-6712, ext. 2900
By appointment

Salvation Army, Oshawa Community & Family Services

Service Canada Centre - Oshawa
Visit in person to make an appointment

Tax Clinics in Ajax

CADJPro Tax Clinic 
By Appointment

Ontario Works – Ajax Office
905-428-7400 ext. 6606
Drop off service for Ontario Works clients only

Ajax Public Library
By Appointment

Ajax Welcome Centre
By Appointment

Diverse Financial Group Team 
By appointment, virtual or in-person


Tax Clinics in Whitby 

Ontario Works – Whitby Office
 905-668-7711 ext. 2722 
Drop off service for Ontario Works clients only

A Step Forward
Appointments required (for virtual, in-person or drop-offs)

RIAA's Enlightened Foundation
Offering service in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi
By appointment, virtual


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